Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Time to Turn", in Dinner Party Conversation on Downton

On Downton Abbey last week while at the dinner table, Edith's new beau, Michael Gregson, Editor of The Sketch, said: "Time to turn." Did anyone catch that? Did y'all get what he meant? Did y'all realize dinner conversation has but two sides: left and right.

The old tradition is, in the middle of the meal one must "turn" if one has been chattering away with only one guest on one side. Simply very politely say to the person with whom you are in conversation  you would love to continue your conversation later, but that you must not ignore the other person on your other side, and nicely excuse yourself.

Nothing worse than to be at a dinner party and you are completely ignored, and besides, leaders always make others feel special!

So, enjoy a nice dinner, and enjoy your "turn."