Friday, August 1, 2014

Wedding Invitation Is Not a Traditional Paper Invitation, It's an iPad!

   It's official y'all. The paper page has turned, or shall I say, the traditional paper wedding invitation page. It's not 1952 any longer. The little hometown girl is no longer marrying the little hometown boy, and registering their fine china pattern at the local bridal registry shop around the corner. No longer need we call the hometown Mother-of-the-Bride on her land line to ask her where the happy couple is registered.

   This week, Keyshawn Johnson announced the wedding to his long time girlfriend and now fiancee, Jennifer Conrad, with a pre-programmed iPad sent to each wedding guest. Included on the iPad was an index listing all events such as brunches and pool parties, a photo gallery, guestbook, gift registry and a countdown to the big day. On your new iPad, you can conveniently click onto the wedding registry link, order and ship your gift right then and there. No fuss, no bother.

   The guests, of course, adore this new creative (albeit extravagant) wedding invitation. After all, this is Mr. Johnson's second marriage. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, they live together and have two children. So, I guess the gig is up. No old fashioned wedding jitters here! At least they are getting married!

   My Mother always said: "Never say never, dear," and I thought I would never say something like this, coming from an extremely conservative, traditional town where I still hand write at least one wedding response every Summer, but, I like this modern, ecological, efficient, convenient way of being invited to a wedding.

   What do y'all think???


  1. Katherine, I've been the go-to gal for everyone's etiquette questions since I was a little girl, but I am *attempting* to accept modern changes. However, I will never accept wedding registry information being included in a wedding invitation, paper or electronic. No, no, no! :-)

    1. Yes Jean, I agree! Every Summer I still seem to write at least 3 hand written out "Responses" to weddings, but alas, many other young couples have their own Web Pages with all the information and direction guests need regarding the wedding and all events surrounding the wedding. Extremely convenient and fast for all these very hard working young people who do everything on their phones. It's their generation and their world now, not mine. My husband and I now are the "Seniors." :)) Thanks for the comment and Merry Christmas


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