Friday, February 1, 2013

Be Careful of Negitave, Shocking Posts on Facebook

   As the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey says: "Don't be defeatist dear, it's very middle class." It's true.
   Please be careful about posting very personal, mostly negative, possibly upsetting information on Facebook. Like your Mother taught you, stick close to your good health and the weather.
   After a certain age (about 25), adults have their own problems and do not need or want to constantly read about every detail of your ongoing problems, disasters and bad happenings in your life.
   Pleasantly and mindlessly reading along on my Facebook feed one day, my eyes tripped up upon a post from a "friend" that stated: "Mr. 'So-in-so' has died in a car accident"...what? I was shocked. Reading on, I learned the deceased was NOT a family member or relative of the "friend" who posted this information, and the post was abrupt, tactless and the tone seemed to scream out for attention. I wondered to myself if the family of the deceased knew of this Facebook posting and what they would think.
   Moral of the story, do not use Facebook as a negative attention getting vehicle. If you need attention because you are sick, depressed, having a bad day or life in general, legal problems, or a family member is in the hospital, Hospice, or has tragically died, call someone. Do not post sudden deaths, shocking or "downer" information on Facebook. It does not come across well.
  Facebook can be an appropriate and convenient vehicle in which to post the passing of loved ones assuming this potentially devastating information is posted gently, carefully, tastefully and in the most positive light possible, including informational and directional links for those readers interested, such as an on-line obituary link or funeral information. In this light, a posting of this type can be fast, convenient and helpful to everyone involved.
   Again, as your Mother says, "Do not wash your laundry in public."
 Mother always knows best!

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