Monday, February 4, 2013

Carson the Butler's Bouillon Spoon, Cup & Saucer

   Last week on Downton Abbey, the audience is brought in on a scene where Carson the Butler is displaying and explaining various flat silver serving pieces to the Second Footmen. The newly hired Footman correctly guesses all the pieces save, at last, the poor old Bouillon Spoon.
   Bouillon is served at a formal or informal Luncheon as a light course, where there may be only one wine served for the whole of the Luncheon. Because Bouillon is a thin broth, it is not thought to be substantial enough to be served with its own wine at a multiple course dinner with multiple wines. Poor Bouillon.
   The Bouillon Spoon looks like a shorter stumpier version of the more popular and recognizable Cream Soup Spoon. It is used with the Bouillon Cup and Saucer which is a smaller version of the Cream Soup Bowl and Saucer, or Stand. It is smaller because Bouillon broth cools quickly as it is a thin broth.
   The Bouillon Cup and Cream Soup Bowl are hand honed and have two handles, one on either side of the cup or bowl. Unlike the Cream Soup Bowl, the Bouillon Cup, may be drunk out of by the handles, or sipped from the bouillon spoon. The spoon is then placed on the saucer, never on the tablecloth, place mat or table.
   In conclusion, as a light soup, bouillon is light and lovely at a Luncheon. Enjoy!

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