Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summertime Is Everyday A Casual Friday Manners Day

    Maybe, chalk it up to the heat of Summer and people are so hot, they have lost minding their manners. Maybe our entire society is much more casual as we are more international, muilticultural and move farther in time away from the strick manners of Victorian societies. Would you floss your teeth during a business meeting? Do you reapply your lipstick, (or watch another woman do so), before, during or after a meal at the table? Really?
   Last week, during a casual business meeting with lunch ordered in, one man pulled out his dental floss and began flossing his teeth. Yes, you read right, flossing his teeth. Did he think no one would notice? In seeing this act, my husband and another man imediately put down their forks and that was the end of their meal. They were completely grossed out!
   A few weeks ago while out at a restaurant, I watched one man's face as his date reapplied her lip stick after a meal. His facial expression was one of distaste. Why didn't this woman just excuse herself for 2 minutes, get off her "wallet" and go to the Ladies' Room? Did she think no one was watching?
   The next time you eat out in public at a restaurant, public park or charity event, look around. By watching others' behavior at the table, one can tell who has been somewhere and who has not.  
   Every summer this reapplication of lipstick issue pops up. Possibly every day during the summer is a casual Friday manners day? Today, this issue was discussed on the Hoda and Kathie Lee Show. Lipstick reapplication examples were given while at public events in the Hamptons.