Thursday, July 7, 2011

Does a casual picnic outdoors cause your inside manners to go flying out the window?

   Over the July 4th Holiday, Prince William and Princess Catherine enjoyed a romantic picnic on a remote Canadian island dining on paper plates. Did picnicking outdoors cause William and Kate's indoor manners to go flying out the window? Did William and Kate use their Royal manners casually? Of course they did!
    How was your picnic over the July 4th holiday? Was your picnic a mass of balled up greasy gross paper napkins on top of crushed cups and bent paper plates? Did you find dirty plastic plates on your buffet table and Styrofoam cups strewn all over your yard?? Well, if the Royals can regally dine off of casual paper plates, so can you!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy yourself and help your host and hostess enjoy themselves:
  • Treat your paper napkin just like you would treat a cloth napkin. Fold your paper napkin neatly in your lap. 
  • If you need more than one paper napkin, neatly stack a few together on your lap. FOLD them together when done.
  • No one wants to eat their meal while looking at your gross out, grubby used ball of greasy mess of a paper napkin on top of your paper plate. Get up from the picnic table, find a trash can, dispose of your trash, then re-join your party.
  •  Do not fold up your paper plate. Just dispose of it and your neatly folded paper napkin in the trash.
  •  Do not crumple up your paper cup or tear off chunks of your Styrofoam cup like you are a seven year old. Simply place your cup in the trash.
  •  Do not pluck off the tines of your plastic fork and play with it like a sharp tool. Rude and dangerous to point it at anyone.
  •  Never place a used plate or used cup on the buffet table. Yuck. Find a trash can.
  •  If you go back up to the buffet table for seconds, get a fresh plate. No Norovirus here, please!! 
Have fun this summer on your next picnic and use your Royal casual outdoor manners!

Kate and William enjoy romantic picnic on remote Canadian island