Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prom and Reality News TV

   Priorities in this country lately seem to be upside down. Emphasis is being put on all the wrong material things in life. Yes, life celebrations are important and should be enjoyed, but the High School Prom, a dance, one night, should not be the do all, be all, end all.   
   Last week I was in line at the Food Lion and heard a young woman in front of me discussing her High School Prom She said: "What other reason is there to go to High School other than Prom?" I'm sorry, what about studying hard to get into college or trade school so one may learn a marketable skill?
   Last night, I watched a national evening news program focusing on a public High School graduating class attending the Prom. These were normal kids from New Jersey. These young adults were not preppy private school rich kids. The show focused not on their academic achievements, or where they were going to attend college, but a dance. One dance. One night.
   The show highlighted the girls' $6,000.00 designer sequined dresses picked out 9 months before the Prom. They reported that one girl drove to this dress shop 8 hours from Ohio to buy her Prom dress. Wow, it almost sounds like a wedding! The manicures and Manolo's. The pedicures, diets, workouts, makeup and $1,800.00 hair extensions. Pardon me? Did the news man just report on hair extensions for High School girls?
   The boys' tuxedos were then talked about, how they asked their date to the Prom, the wrist corsages they picked out for their dates, and the stretch limousines. The end result was a camera shot of all the girls and boys lined up in their finest sparkling frocks to board the luxury bus to all go to the Prom together after a "Before Party" at one girl's house.
   Oh no! Now the luxury bus is late. The Hostess (Mother of one of the girls) is on her cell phone crying and screaming obscenities at the poor person on the other end of the line about the late luxury bus. Screaming one obscenity after another. Really? Reality News TV, I guess.
   The reporter asked how much this Mother had spent on her daughters' Prom and before party and the total was something close to $10,000.00. The Mother said spending this extravagant amount of money for her daughter for one night, one dance, was worth every penny. These High School Seniors all looked like they were going to the Oscars. Red Carpet ready, I guess.
   The reporter asked one girl why this Prom night was such a big deal to her. She replied: "Prom is everything I have grown up watching and wanting on TV and in the movies. I just want to feel like one of those movie stars for one night." Movie stars? What happened with simply being happy to have a date and have a nice time?
   Once, I was on a Red Carpet with a Haute Couture designer dress. None of the paparazzi took my picture and the experience did not improve my life professionally, financially or socially. Being on the Red Carpet did not make me more popular or feel more loved. Life is so much more simple. Are Americans so comfortable financially and comfortable in our extra large, nice homes with all our stuff, we have become bored with simple? Americans are having a Mildred Pierce moment.