Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Resume Do's and Don'ts

   Your resume should serve as a snapshot of your professional life dotted with a glimpse of your personal life, just like your Facebook Profile. It should also be only 1 page.
   I once temped for Philip Morris's Human Resources Department. They had 5-6 round 48" tables filled with 1 foot high stacks of resumes covering each tabletop, and that was just what had come in that week. All I did all week long was open resumes and sort. So please, If the CEO of IBM can have a 1 page resume, so can you.
   Leave out a few minor details so you have something to talk about during the interview. Like Poker, you do not want to show all your cards at once.
   Keep references and the corresponding phone numbers current. Be concise and to the point. Hit spell check, but remember, spell check is not the 'do all, be all, end all.' Also, have a friend check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
   Most importantly, be yourself. Arrive near your location an hour before your appointment. Walk around the building. Walk around the lobby. Listen to those around you and try to figure out if the company you want to work for is right for you!! Yes, they must think you are a good fit and like you, but you must like them too!