Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Smarmy" Entitlement Genration Behavior Of The Day

   Today at Whole Foods, using my 3 recyclable bags, my seemingly happy, chatty, preppy cashier asked me if I wanted to donate my .15 cents credit towards their "So-in-so" charity. I replied: "Sure." She then proceeded to hand me 3 porous, wooden chips to place into a designated charity bin. I guess the management came up with this procedure for the customers so they feel better about spending their whole paycheck at Whole Foods. Anyway, I nicely explained to the cashier I had just gotten over a cold and did not want to transmit germs to anyone, and invited her to take the chips over to the charity bin. Her expression changed to a disgusted
look and she slammed the chips down into a bowl on top of her register and made a "tisk" sound with her mouth. I thanked her and walked away.
   30 years ago when I was starting out in retail, if I glanced at a customer the wrong way or breathed on a customer the wrong way, I would have been fired on the spot for insubordination. I realize every generation thinks the younger generations are ruder than they were,but it seems like we have now entered into a society of incivility. Being civil costs nothing. Incivility used to cost your business millions. Now, I guess we all just put up with incivility, but it sure takes the fun out of the day sometimes!

Country Miracle Of The Day

Today on the way home from three grocery stores, I saw one of Dr. Caravati's cows poking his head through the barbed wire fence eating the green grass on the other side. Why? Because the cow could and haven't y'all heard...the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! Miracles happen every day, but they happen fast. Take a second to notice your miracle and smile!