Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bread & Butter Plate vs. Drink Glasses - On Which Side of The Plate Do They Belong?

How often at a fine restaurant or crowded dinner party has the person next to you eaten your bread? What should you do? Where does your Bread & Butter Plate go anyway? Confused? Not unusual at all! Don't fret. Here's the solution to the Bread & Butter Plate vs. the Drink Glass dilemma forever.

Remember at camp when you used to play "World War I Flying Ace?" Take your fingers and place the tip of your "pointer finger" (first finger) to the tip of your thumb. Line up all your other fingers behind your first finger making a lower case "b" with your left hand and a lower case "d" with your right hand. Touch your fingers together to make a "bd" shape: "b"read on the left, "d"rink on the right. You can do this in your lap at the table. You can do this on a plane. In a restaurant while in Spain.

A piece of the key to the place setting universe is solved!

p.s. WWI Flying Ace is "bd" upside down with your fingers under your chin and the "bd" around your eyes like goggles!!

p.p.s. If the person seated next to you eats your bread, say nothing and have some bread when you get home!

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