Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everyone has a Valentine, or Volunteer!!

To my Valentine:
Somebody's longing for you,
Somebody loves you, dear,
Somebody's longing for you,
Somebody wants you near.

That's me sweetheart. Chester

A valentine sent from my grand-father Chester Barrett to my grand-mother Carrie Barrett in 1921.

As a single gal for 20 years, I used to really dislike the pressures of Valentine's Day every year. The questions. The waiting for flowers and cards. The anticipation of getting a gift from a boyfriend, or not. The loneliness some years.

Finally, I realized that Valentine's Day is not only for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or significant other. Its purpose is to tell family members, friends and loved ones you love them. I have a friend who sends her Christmas Card list Valentine's Day cards instead every year! How cool!!

So, if prospects are a little slim this year, ask a friend to be your valentine or volunteer to feed the less fortunate a nice Valentine's meal and make a few new friends!
xoxo Carrie's grand-daughter

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