Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back In The Day Can Be Today...Women Used To Never...

From my book: "Forget-Me-Not, Forget-Me Never, Remember The Fun We Had Together"

Gratitude is the fairest flower that springs from the soul, and no man knoweth any more fragrant.
Catherine Mills
January 29, 1906

Just a quick, fun fact posting today. Did you know women used to never do certain things, rather they had gentlemen do these certain things for them. Ladies, you can still graciously have these things done for you. It's good for the men. It gives them a simple task to perform that makes them feel important!

  • Ladies, DO NOT stand at a bar in a bar, restaurant, nightclub or wedding reception and order your own drink. Ask a gentleman or your date or husband to order a drink for you. Nicely tell them what drink you would like. Thank them graciously. Enjoy!

  • Ladies, DO NOT light your own cigarette (for those few who still smoke). Ask a gentleman, your date or husband for a light. Even, pull our your cigarette, place it in your mouth and fumble for a lighter in your purse, and see what happens! Thank them graciously. Enjoy!

Just a few simple tasks Men can enjoy performing for ladies and it's nice! Simple pleasures in life we all can enjoy!