Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stump The Etiquette Lady - Valentine Anxiety at School

Our Second Grader refuses to go to school on Valentine's Day. Last year, she received mean Valentine cards that said: "You are ugly," and "You are stupid." Our daughter is kind yet very shy, she gets straight A's but is extremely tall and skinny. She does get teased all the time. What should we do?
Call a meeting immediately with the teacher and the principal. The teacher should know her classroom well enough to recognize the bullies, and they should be reprimanded.
Softly explain to your daughter it is her kindness which makes her a leader and she will grow up to be a better person with empathy for others because of this quality.
At The Sabot School of Etiquette, our #1 rule is: "Leaders always make others feel special." Leaders are always positive and include rather than exclude. Leaders never make another person feel sad or embarrassed or humiliated. True leaders are people whom everyone wants to be around. Who wouldn't?