Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Handmade Love. Hearts and Happiness. A Homemade Valentine's Day with Love.

The Catholic Priest, Father Valentine, combined with Faunas, the Roman pagan God of Fertility adds up to our modern celebrated St. Valentine's Day. With 180 million roses and 6 million boxes of chocolates sold, Valentine's Day is overall a 14 Billion dollar holiday in the US.*
With all this hype, social pressures, TV commercials, media adds, movies and more, as a single girl with a tiny family for 20 years, Valentine's Day for me was an awful, annoying struggle against loneliness. It was an annual and agonizing reminder that there was no significant other to share in my life. Not to sound too much like an "After School Special," my Mother always sent a red heart-shaped box of Russell and Stover chocolates, yet, somehow not the same. Once, at 27, a boyfriend presented the roses, perfume and chocolates, as he knew I had not yet received the "Red Carpet" Valentine's Day treatment, but alas, the relationship did not last.
Finally, as a married lady with a large family, Valentine's Day has slowly become one of my favorite holidays! Yeah! Don't want the perfume or roses anymore. Don't really need to eat the chocolates either. Spending special time with loved ones is what is most important.
Taking time to pick out just the right store-bought Valentine's Day card to send to loved ones far away is nice, although, hand-made cards are lovely. Valentine cards in the past required lace and ribbon. Red colored roses. Hearts and happiness. Handmade love. Poems were popular as well. Pouring out one's heart straight from the soul for that one special love was preferred. Songs written to your loved one would do too. Lives were shorter. Life was harder. Special occasions were more rare, thus, much treasured.
As we say at The Sabot School of Etiquette, one does not have to have money to have manners. A handmade, home cooked Valentine's Day is always more treasured than just writing a check. Making time and taking care to make a thoughtful day for a loved one is most special and unforgettable always.
So, take a breath, plan a bit, make time and enjoy!

* Statistics from: The History Channel, "History of Valentine's Day" show