Monday, November 29, 2010

52 Buttons of Wisdom To Keep Warm For The Holidays

Recently, I stumbled across a list of 52 mistakes. Well, I have certainly made 52 mistakes daily in my life and started my own list. However, my list morphed into buttons of hopeful and helpful tips. Buttons of wisdom, in no particular order. Button up to keep warm for the Winter!

  1. What defines us is how well we rise after falling.
  2. If you do not fail at least three times in life, you are not trying hard enough to succeed.
  3. You can only do the best you can do every day, so stop trying to be what you consider to be "perfect."
  4. The "P" word (Perfect) should be removed from the dictionary and our thinking. Perfect = Pressure.
  5. Your job is what you do, not who you are.
  6. Do not let your salary define you.
  7. We all have a purpose in life. Some small, some large. Find yours.
  8. We all have God given talents. Know yours. If you do not know, have a friend tell you what your talents are. Always remember your God given talents. They may benefit you in life, as they are especially yours and naturally easy for you specifically.
  9. Change is part of life. Accept change and move onto the next challenging change.
  10. Forgive yourself daily, or weekly or whenever you need to.
  11. Some people are addicted to chaos and if they do not have it in their lives, they create it for themselves and those around them. Keep these people at arms length, even if they are family members. Chaos is not good for the soul, your health or well being. Chaos complicates your life and adds to your stress.
  12. Give angry people in person and on the phone 3 minutes to vent, then remove yourself from the situation. This way, you have politely listened, therefore, are done with your obligation.
  13. Sometimes saying nothing is saying something.
  14. If a friend or family member criticizes you in public, do not reply. Just let their negative comment hang out there in the air and resonate with everyone else in the room.
  15. Usually, the first person who speaks, looses.
  16. Sass will bite you in the a** every time. Best to keep the sassy comment to yourself.
  17. Miracles are small, instantaneous, silent. They happen in the blink of an eye, a New York second. 3 black crows squawking on a fence, the thought of a loved one popping into your head, a dragon fly at dusk. Relish the little things in life that bring us joy. Remember the tiny things.
  18. If you had a rough day, did not do so well or behave well, have one glass of wine and go to bed. Get a good night of sleep and you will feel better tomorrow rested and relaxed.
  19. By the time you write down a list, you can just do it!
  20. Know that you can ALWAYS go back to school and learn a new skill. Having a marketable skill will protect you financially during tough times or periods of change. Whether your skill be for your primary job, a second job or hobby around the house, skilled workers are always in demand.
  21. Clean hair beats a new dress any day.
  22. Rely on your good brain always.
  23. It is no longer 1952. You do not need to have the same job for 40 years.
  24. Your first job does not have to be your last job. Never let anyone else make you feel bad about changing jobs.
  25. Most people get fired from one job or another at one time or another for one reason or another. Do not let it get you down. The job just was not right for you. Learn from your experiences. Take an easy part time job until you find a full time job better suited for you.
  26. Always having 6 months rent in the bank will be reassuring to you in times of crisis, change or loss.
  27. Save 10% of everything you earn and are given. Put it in a savings account and tell NO ONE. You will be glad for your savings one day.
  28. Throw your change in a jar or a drawer. Clean it out once or twice a year and spend your saved change on something nice for yourself and/or your family. Go out to dinner or on a weekend vacation or nice cultural day trip. Or use it for fun money on vacation.
  29. Save up some cash by stashing small bills ($1, $5, $10) in purses, shoe boxes, under rugs, inside books,in pockets. Then you will have some cash when you need it for a surprise or an emergency.
  30. If you are blue, volunteer!
  31. Clean out your closet once a year and donate clothing and shoes you have not worn in 5 years.
  32. Success breeds critics and enemies. Some silent, some outright. Chalk it up to envy and forget it.
  33. Do not complain about your situation. Change your situation.
  34. After the age of 25, no one wants to hear about all your problems. Everyone has their own problems and responsibilities by now. Find a productive or creative way to vent. Get a pet, therapist, minister or friend.
  35. As a Host or Hostess for the holidays, you do have duties. Very easy to make a casserole and say "Casserole's in the oven, help yourself. Have a bowl of fruit in the fridge. Have a coffee cake on top of the fridge. Everyone can help themselves.
  36. Have extra blankets, extra pillows and little fans in the linen closet. "White noise" from a fan is great and helps guests in a strange house sleep.
  37. Have little night lights in your halls and bathrooms. Guests need to get to the restroom at night without falling down the stairs.
  38. Have bananas, apples, oranges and pears in a bowl. Healthy snacks and everyone can help themselves.
  39. Put an extension plug here and there so everyone can plug in their cell phones, game boys, i-pods, lap top computers, etc.
  40. Put age appropriate books and movies in each guest room, or next to the couch, so your guests have something to do to relax at night.
  41. Get coffee ready the night before and show early birds how to push the button. We have 2 coffee makers set up for early and late risers.
  42. Try to always make the other person feel special. As a Host or Hostess, appease and please.
  43. Remember what your Mother told you: Do do not discuss politics or religion in public.
  44. To alleviate stress on you as Hostess, set your Thanksgiving/Christmas table the week before everyone arrives. Clean the silver, iron the napkins, set out the salt& pepper, serving pieces and serving bowls and platters. You will be glad you did!
  45. If you clean your silver with silver polish after you wash it, and store it in a dark, dry, cool cabinet, it will keep until the next time you use it.
  46. If someone insults you in public, even a family member in a room full of family, say nothing. Let the negative comment hang out there in the air. Hanging insults make the person who said it look bad and sound ugly. Too bad for them.
  47. Give yourself 10 minutes per day on Facebook to answer messages, browse, then get off.
  48. Give yourself, or your kids 1/2 hour per day to play on their i-pod, i-pad, i-phone, computer game, game boy, etc., then read for 1/2 hour.
  49. Reading (anything and everything) helps us all realize that we are not alone in this world. We realize other people share the same problems: struggle, abuse, money issues, self-confidence, belonging, etc.
  50. Sometimes it is best to pause, look and listen.
  51. Treat yourself to something nice every day: One small bite of candy, one chapter in a good book, a 10 minute walk, a short phone call or e-mail to a friend, a hot bath. Take care to take care of yourself.
  52. You can only control your own behavior. Stop trying to control others' behavior.

Button up and stay warm!

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