Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Travel Tips for Long Distance Travelers

What is the difference in traveling in my car for business for years and now traveling long distance on a plane for pleasure? Not much. The following are a few tips to help the long distance traveler.
  • Whether in a car or on a plane, dress in plain, classic Navy or Black jersey material and layer. Hot cars and hot planes are par for the course. I always wear a matching shell and a Jacket with pants and have a matching skirt packed. Jersey material needs no ironing, is light for packing, comfortable and always appropriate. Bring a pair of white cotton footie's with you on the plane in case it is cold.
  • In your car, bring a small cooler filled with water and some cheese sticks, or raw, unsalted nuts in your car (almonds are my favorite) using those re-usable freezer packs so you do not have to fret about melting ice. This way, you do not have to stop and pay exorbitant prices for drinks and you have healthy snacks.
  • On a plane, bring some crackers for air sickness and unsalted, raw nuts for protein with you. Be sure to purchase water for your plane ride once inside your gate. Very often today, flights cannot be counted on to serve everyone. Hydration is the key to plane travel. Do not drink too much caffeine or alcohol as they increase dehydration.
  • Seated stretching and deep breathing exercises are helpful. On the plane, try to get up and walk around at a minimum every hour. Walk to the restroom to wash your hands, or go to the back of the plane and stand a bit with the stewardesses.
  • Preset your watch. Eat when you are hungry.
  • After a long flight, go outside A.S.A.P. Research suggests sunlight helps reset the natural body clock. Walking outside in natural light does help your body clock too.
  • Jet lag is worse going from west to east. Do not take a nap. Try to stay up until 9:00 or 10:00 pm. A shower or bath will help relax you if you cannot fall asleep.
  • Aerobic exercise can also reduce jet lag. Try to stay in a hotel with a fitness room and schedule some of your time for exercise.
  • Be alert, walk deliberately, dress conservatively, travel lightly, and never announce your name, address and phone number in public. I always hand the desk clerk or concierge my business card with all pertinent information.
  • Do not bring valuable or sentimental jewelry that you will be crying in your soup if you loose, photocopy your passport and bring 2 extra passport photos, use covered luggage tags, book non-stop flights if possible, and take only officially marked taxis.

Plan a Bit and Travel Safely!

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