Thursday, June 24, 2010

Handy Gardening Tips For Hard Working Gardeners

Here are a few summer fun gardening tips for gardeners. Hope they may help your garden grow!

  1. Place tomatoes in the kitchen window. They will ripen faster and warm up the aura of your kitchen. A friend's grandmother once said "Tomatoes, (pronounced "toe-mot-toes"), are worth a half-a-penny more than tomatoes." It's true! :)
  2. Place bitter cucumbers in the kitchen window for 1 day, flip and sun for another day to sweeten them up! Works every time! Promise!!
  3. Soak bitter greens in a sink of cold water and baking soda for 1/2 hour to a full hour to sweeten them up. A drought or simple lack of rain will make greens bitter. Watering with a sprinkler does not even seem to work. A rain dance may work... :D
  4. Wash all greens in a sink of cold water and salt for at least 15 minutes. The salt will get rid of all the dirt and parasites from your garden vegetables and greens. Remember, sinful amounts of salt!
  5. Work on plucking the "suckers" from your tomatoes. Leaving them on will siphon the energy from the plant. In plucking the suckers, you will have larger, more colorful, tastier tomatoes.

These few tips will make your fruit luminous and your greens sweet! Enjoy!!

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