Thursday, September 17, 2009

Household Tips - Separating Eggs, Cleaning Brass, Headache Cure

Helpful Household Tips

  • A Wet Oven Cloth will save many burnt fingers and hands

  • To Remove Spots of Milk or Tea on a Brass Tray: apply a bit of lemon juice and rinse.

  • For Easy Egg Separating: try breaking the egg into a funnel. The white will go down the funnel and the yoke will stay behind.

  • To Cure a Headache: try 2 cloves in a cup of freshly brewed tea.

  • Natural Tooth Cleaner - salt hardens the gums and makes the teeth white.

  • To Clean Suede Shoes - Black, Brown or Grey suede shoes may be cleaned lightly with fine sand-paper. Rub with firm, even pressure. This will remove dirt, mud and grease.

  • Never Polish Pewter - Never polish pewter, you will ruin its finish. Let pewter remain dull. When it is dirty, wash it with a very soft brush, a tiny amount of gentle soap and warm water. Dry the pewter with a soft cloth.

Be Thrifty, Have Fun and Enjoy!