Sunday, August 30, 2009

Better Butter Tips

  • Have y'all ever heard the saying: "Barbara Streisand's nails are like butter?" Well, if you rub butter on your nail beds, they will be softer. Butter may be used as ointment for: sore lips, chapped hands, cuts and bruises. After the first application of the butter, the bruise should fade.
  • To Sweeten Rancid Butter: Melt and skim the butter. Put a piece of toast into the melted butter. In a few minutes, the butter will loose its offensive taste and smell and can be left to get firm again.
  • To Renew The Life of Ferns: Carefully remove from cache-pot. Place a few drops of Caster Oil at the roots, then set the fern in a pail of water all night. Replant. After a week or so, the fern should sprout new shoots.
  • Frying Hint: When frying fat has got slightly burnt, place a raw, peeled potato into the pan for a few minutes and then remove it. This act should remove all trace of burning.
  • When a saucepan boils dry and burns: it can be saved by putting a piece of butter the size of a walnut in the pan, allow it to melt, then pour in the hot water.
  • Cooking Hint: If if puddings, meats, tarts and cakes are covered with butter paper, they will not be burnt in the oven.
  • To Beat Butter and Sugar: Where a recipe requires the beating of butter and sugar to a cream, briefly place these ingredients in a double boiler until partly blended. Do not break the butter. Then, mix together as required.

Enjoy your salted and unsalted butter!