Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unspoken, unwritten rules. Perceptions and Intetions.

My Father used to say: "The higher one climbs on the Corporate ladder, the more acceptance becomes about the way one's hair is parted."
One can behave with the proper manners and know all the rules of etiquette, and still not fit the mold. Fitting the mold is unspoken and unwritten, just like the part in one's hair.
Mannerisms, habits, aura, body language, any childhood lessons and training, sidebar comments, off the cuff conversation, family history and upbringing all add up to complete the whole person.
So, when you interview for a job, join a club, or begin dating someone seriously, you are being perceived and judged. First impressions will get your foot in the door if your impression is favorable, but what about your staying power. Longevity and upward mobility within the organization you join is when the "parting of the hair" counts. Some people say perception is everything. But what about intent? The way one is perceived is not always the way one intended to be perceived.
Corporations, private clubs, community organizations, relationships, marriage. Life is full of change. With change comes new circumstances, new relationships, new perceptions by others.
When you interview for a job, start a new relationship or school, join a new club or organization, be sure you like the entity you are joining. Yes, they must like you and perceive you as fitting into their mold to accept you, but you also must like them. Know for yourself when you are a good fit. Hopefully, you will have the confidence and self knowledge too know you will be a good fit, just as you know you part your hair the way they do.