Friday, July 17, 2009

Ten Household Time and Money Saving Tips

Here are 10 tips to save on time and money for busy households. Y'all enjoy!
  1. When in a hurry preparing dinner, before placing the potatoes in the water, cut them lengthwise instead of across. They will be ready in less time. Also, boiling potatoes is inexpensive. Extra potato leftovers can be smashed and shaped into fried potato pancakes for weekend breakfast.
  2. Try sweeping wooden stairs with a soft, medium sized paintbrush. It will get into the corners and in between the rails easily. Hopefully, you will notice a big difference.
  3. To quickly and easily pare young potatoes and carrots, soak them in cold water for 15 minutes then brush heartily with a stiff scrubbing brush. This method removes the skin and prevents one's hands from becoming stained.
  4. To remove paint stains from window-panes, rub with the edge of a pencil eraser or penny.
  5. My mother has always cleaned her windows with a window cleaner and a soft cloth, polished with newspaper. This method helps the windows retain their luster for a long while.
  6. To clean the interior of a burnt aluminium saucepan or pot, fill the pot with water, add an onion and bring to a boil. The burnt matter will rise to the top leaving your pot clean and bright once again.
  7. To make fresh summer mint sauce, pick off mint leaves and wash, then sprinkle sugar over the mint before chopping and crushing. Enjoy!
  8. To clean cut glass or crystal bowls or decanters, clean with small pieces of peeled potato and equal parts of water and vinegar. Shake or stir for a few minutes.
  9. Keep garden flowers fresh in a vase with salt added to lukewarm water.
  10. A teaspoon of lemon juice will often relieve a headache. My Great-grandmother also drank a cup of a mixture of lemon juice added to hot water every morning. It is allegedly good for one's complexion.

Save your money and time and enjoy the summer!