Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Only Needs 10 Pieces of Jewelry

Classic jewelry is like a wardrobe. Whether it be fabulously faux, gorgeously authentic or heirloom family pieces, the following 10 pieces of jewelry will carry you through weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, baby showers, soccer games, birthday parties and even a barbecue:
  1. One pearl necklace
  2. One pearl bracelet
  3. One pair of pearl earrings
  4. One pair of silver hoop earrings
  5. One silver cuff bracelet
  6. One pair of diamond stud earrings
  7. One diamond Broach
  8. One Black Jet Necklace
  9. One gold Bracelet
  10. One gold necklace

Today's column topic is inspired by a good friend who possesses only a few, yet fabulous pieces of classic, show stopping jewelry we all love to drool over every time we see her at any occasion! With a few tips, you too can be like her.

The design and style of these pieces are up to you. Art Deco, Jackie O., Art Neauveau, Paloma Picasso, faux or fabulous. Do your homework and prioritize as per your own likes, dislikes and lifestyle.

Generally, larger pieces of jewelry are worn as one ages, after 40. For example, a graduated single strand of pearls is usually a young woman's piece of jewelry. A triple stranded pearl bracelet or necklace with a diamond clasp while ageless and classically beautiful is usually worn after the age of 40. Diamonds (other than one's engagement ring) can now be worn before 6pm and diamonds are now acceptable under 40 years of age.

Nice faux pieces of jewelry can be found in vintage shops and at estate sales. Older classic pieces even if out of style now, do not fret, will always eventually come back around in style.

If one is fortunate enough to have any family pieces of jewelry, or talented enough to make one's own costume jewelry, it is always a good conversation starter and fills one with confidence to wear a piece to any outing. And one can wear these little treasures over and over again, because, who doesn't want to admire classic, drop dead gorgeous jewelry!

The first piece of authentic jewelry I bought at 21 years old to begin my jewelry wardrobe was a 35" single strand of Jet Black beads at Bloomingdales. Last year at 47 years old, I had the strand made into a 16" style double strand with a simple gold clasp. Clasps can range from simple gold plated or sterling silver, to ornate semi-precious stones or diamonds. All personal preference.

Start your jewelry wardrobe today and enjoy updating your old pieces and collecting new finds.