Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Greatest Unintended Consequence of All: Freedom and Eventual Democracy!

When will these old, outdated Dictators learn. Governments cannot indefinitely legislate morality or control minds. Neither did it work for the US Government during Prohibition in the 1920's, nor will it work for the Iranian Government during this age of technology and Twitter.
Gone are the days of total control by men over the masses. The Internet enables the young population of Iran to inquire and inspire others to unite against government corruption and control and move towards freedom.
For those who have never known the concept of freedom, it must have been hard to conceptualize life with it, but the Iranian citizens have had a taste and glimpse of Western freedoms through technology. They can read about freedom on the Internet and speak about it on Twitter.
The old totalitarian regimes of yesteryear best get ready for a new generation of tech savvy, informed minds. This emerging generation of young people possess the skills to search for themselves the rules of etiquette and protocol in a free government, the manners of a civilized society, freedom of religion and acceptable behavior within family life and love.
Knowledge is still power, but technology has emerged as a window of hope towards freedom for all souls when a controlling government slams their doors on free speech and freedoms.
Sign petitions for the UN and keep the dialogue streaming towards a free and fair Iran for all.