Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unfinished Fashionista

Good for the First Lady. She is beautifully educated, beautifully spoken, and beautifully dressed. Europe is fascinated with her as she seems to be something of a young novelty from a new generation. She is tall, athletic yet thin, and can wear anything. She looks like a modern day "Jackie O." Our own classic American "fashionista."
Yes, Mrs. Obama did break protocol and touched The Queen of England on the shoulder, but only after The Queen touched her first on the small of the back. I watched the video on U-Tube and the British press is not seeing what I saw, but I invite my readers to be their own judge. Even so, our First Lady should have, after being touched by the Queen, kept her arms at her sides. Maybe next time.
Our lovely First Lady did, however, hold her own next to that rock star groupie/supermodel, not so super singer/mistress turned First Lady of France, Carla. Mrs. Bruni was, however, well dressed in Dior. I just wish Mrs. Obama would have exclusively worn American born designers through Europe.
Nevertheless, I do wish Mrs. Obama would not have run all over Europe sleeveless. Not only is going sleeveless not 'Old World,' from an etiquette stand point, going sleeveless looks unfinished from a fashion stand point. Someone, please tell her stylist to put a 'Jackie O" jacket on her.