Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 Degrees of Friends

I have heard there are 6 degrees of separation connections among us all. I think it is more like two, but, I digress.
They're are, however 6 degrees of friendships: Friends of friends, acquaintances, surface friends at an arm length, friends, close friends and finally, lifetime friends.
Friends of friends have heard of you, acquaintances know who you are, surface friends one can chat with, friends one can confide some truths, close friends one can confide closer truths, but lifetime friends know your soul, influence your life and stick with you through trials and thicknesses. Lifetime friends are as close as family, and can be substituted for family, if one has not much of a family. Cheers, salut, and chin chin to those lifetime friends!

To celebrate "Lifetime Friends", a poem:

May you through life be blessed,
With friends selected from the best,
And in return may you extend,
That gem of love to every friend.

Your Mother

Minnie Hannah Schaefer
December 26, 1905

International gift giving

Gift Giving Protocol varries from country to country. Traditions and superstitions behind gift giving grow out of the particular cultural, societial and religious beliefs. Did you know:
Appropriate gifts in Europe include: most flowers, chocolates, liquors, books, porcelain or silver.
Inappropriate gifts in Europe include: Logo products, perfume, red roses (only for your own spouse), white flowers (funeral flowers), anything extravagant (never want to show off).

Appropriate gifts in Taiwan - Singapore include: Quality pen, Leather daily planner, Journal, books and Scotch liquor.
Inappropriate gifts in Taiwan - Singapore include: Food or Bourbon, a clock, wall decoration, anything 'Made in Asia.'
Appropriate gifts in Latin America include: Perfume, chocolates or logo gift, gifts for children and gifts for the entire family.
Inappropriate gifts in Latin America include: Kives, hankerchiefs, anything the color of Black or Purple, anything numbering 13, inappropriate to arrive empty-handed, excessive gifts.
Call the Embassy of your host country or go to the library or travel section in a bookstore, or search the internet and do your research before visiting any country. You will be considered a good traveler, you will have an easier time with your travels. As opposed to being called "the Ugly American", you can be proud to be a good American traveler.