Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends and Family are Forever

As the self-appointed family historian, in 2005, I published a Forget-Me-Not book complete with poems, lyrics, rhymes and cleaver quips combined with corresponding family photographs from the turn of the last century. The collection celebrates friends and family.
I have sold only 150 copies and have sent 50 copies to local and national media including Oprah, Ellen, FOX, Vogue Magazine, People Magazine and the New York Times. No one was interested.
The pretty trade paper "coffee table" book was not an international best seller. Early last year in 2008, I decided to begin donating the book to local retirement and nursing homes. They were absolutely appreciative and thankful for this thoughtful, soulful, inspirational book. I am so fortunate to be able to give to others.
During this "Retirement Recession" of sorts at best, are Americans less fortunate now than we were in 2005? Do we need the fancy new cars, designer dry goods and huge houses to feel like we have a better life and are closer to our happier family and friends? I say who needs designer goods when you simply appreciate and remember your friends and family, the best kind of vintage.