Thursday, July 16, 2009

Addendum: Men Only need 5 Pieces of Jewelry

It was pointed out to me by a very dear friend from College on Facebook, I forgot to mention the men and their jewelry needs from my Blog entitled: "One Only Needs 10 Pieces of Jewelry" dated June 20, 2009. Well, I do not know Men's Haberdashery as well as women's fashion, so more comments are welcome, please!

Men only need 4-6 Pieces of Jewelry

  1. A thin dress watch with a leather or gross grain strap.
  2. A Rolex
  3. A gold family crest ring worn on the right pinkie finger.
  4. A sterling St. Christopher medal necklace worn with a thin sterling link chain.
  5. Dog Tags if Military.
  6. A thin gold or platinum wedding ring with Jeffersonian beading if married or civilly joined together.

Remember, simpler is always better. Coco Chanel was right when she stated: Take 1 accessory off before leaving the house."

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