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1922 letter from Rockville, MO to Greeley, CO

An excerpt from a letter written from my Great-grandmother Poague to my Grandfather Poague, age 19. My Grandfather left his home, school, family and farm at 12 yrs. old in Rockville, Missouri to go help his elder grandparents run their farm in Greeley Colorado which was typical for the time. Enjoy your read into a way of life in an America of the past...or is it...or will it go back to a simpler life as time marches on in our "New" economy?

Rockville, Missouri
June 25, 1922
Dear Son,
I received your letter yesterday. Was glad to hear from you and that you are well. We are all well here, but it seems like we are so tired all the time. We have been getting up at 4:30am for a long time and that is hard on anyone.
People are rushing the men for coal now as threshing will commence this coming week. I think our wheat is pretty good, but the oats are poor. We will put it in the barn for feed.
Father says if you want to go to the Teacher's College this summer, he will send you $100 of your money right away and will try to pay you the money your Grandmother Hannah owes you in the Fall. You must be very careful, though, to not spend it for anything you don't have to buy, for when it is gone, you will be out of money. Will it cover your tuition cost and your expenses? Maybe you need it worse right now than you will later?
You ought not let your Grandma Poague wash for you if she is not able. I am afraid she will over do herself.
Dr. Gray's folks went on a trip out that way and Mrs. Gray sad they intended going to Greeley. Did you see them?
It is awful hot and dry here now. We are needing rain. We are short of water here at the house. Only some in the drinking water well. I am frying chicken for dinner. I wish you were here to eat some.
Mr. Jones of Kansas City, left his bird dog here for us to keep. There has been a party of K.C. people down at the place, but they are gone now.
I am glad you have so many nice places to go there in Greeley, and can go. We sure don't see much here. I would like to see something of interest sometimes. I wish we could make enough money to do some other way. Maybe we can yet. Write as soon as you get this letter.
Well, I will send the money to the Clinton Bank.
p.s. I am glad that you were not tempted to give up your schooling now in order to make money. You were just right in that decision.
Love always, Mama

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