Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Twitter your Own Facebook Out of a Job.

Today, I heard that one Fortune 500 company now requires its applicants to write their Facebook password on their company applications. Surprising? Also, I keep reading stories about people babbling along on Twitter, thinking no one else is paying attention, and getting in trouble either personally or professionally .
So, for these Twittering twerps and public babblers on Walls, I have a few questions: Would you attend a cocktail party with a Mr. Microphone and broadcast every word you say? Would you include wild partying photographs in your resume? The next time you dine in a restaurant, look around. Notice table manners. You will be able to tell who has been places, and who has not.
For some reason, some people think they are so insignificant, no one else is paying attention. For some other reason, other people think New Yorkers never listen while reading their papers on the subway because they have seen it all. Just a hint to all y'all out there: we're paying attention.
Do not ever say anything that you would not want the town gossip repeating. Do not ever write anything you do not want published in the local newspaper. The Internet and cell phones are public domain. Things you say in real life matter as well. If you never say anything negative or cryptic to give the skeptics fodder, no one will be able to honestly publicly criticize you. Those in the know, know. Pay Attention, please.

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