Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A List one Dozen of Life's Lessons to Live By

Last week, I read a list of 45 life lessons a 90 year old woman from Ohio posted. I liked her list so much, I came up with my own list:
  1. Forgive everyone and everything always. Then forget it and move on. In 100 years, no one will remember or care!
  2. If others place judgement on you personally, simply say: "Only my God may judge me personally." Bullies who judge others usually are telling on themselves anyway and putting their fears and unhappiness onto you.
  3. No time for regret if you try your heartfelt best. Accept your life as it comes, get through the day, and move on.
  4. No time in life for hating anyone for any reason. Hating is a big waste of your valuable time.Their unhappiness is their own problem. Chances are, it is probably worse to be them than to talk about them. Don't waste anger and time talking about them either. It will exhaust you and your spirit.
  5. Do Not compare your life to others' lives. There will always be someone seemingly richer and seemingly happier. Your life is your own truth. If you don't like your own life, take little steps ahead daily and work hard to change it.
  6. Make peace with your past and move on. Talking and re-living the past every day will screw up your present life and future life.
  7. You do not have to win every argument each and every time. Agree to disagree. Agreeing to disagree shows respect for the other person.
  8. Save 10% of all and any money you receive. Save 10% of allowance as a child, Save 10% of all cash gifts given to you, Save 10% of every paycheck. Find and open up a "Free Checking" account at a young age and keep this account open forever. No need to tell anyone about it, ever. This money will be for you and you only. Money is independence, and having independence is having freedom.
  9. Use your fine wedding china, fancy linens, crystal stemware and flat silver. You cannot take it with you or send it ahead. Enjoy it and your memories of good times using it!
  10. Your job is not who you are. Your job is what you do. You can get another job next month. You can make more money next month. Your family is more important than your job. You cannot get another family next month, and the elder members of your family may not be there next month.
  11. Go through your closet twice a year and donate to a thrift shop, give away to a charity, or sell to a vintage shop all the clothing you have not worn at all, touched, or even thought about in the last 5 years. My entire closet, save evening gowns, is one pole no longer than the length of both my arms stretched out from my sides. Purchase only 2 complete outfits twice a year. Purchase the best you can afford and try to buy on Sale at 50% off, or more. July and January sales are the best! Pay cash for as much as you can. Do not invest in separates. The colors will never match up, especially Navy and Black. Purchase the entire outfit. If you cannot fit into your clothes, eat smaller portions and skip desserts and bread until you can fit back into your clothes again.
  12. Doing one nice thing by yourself, for yourself every day matters. One small piece of dark, organic chocolate; one decaf coffee after dinner, one chapter in a book; soaking in a 15 minute bath; reading a magazine; a 30 minute workout or walk, a 20 minute cat nap, 30 minutes of yard work or watching 30 minutes of sports. Take care of your emotional and physical health because no one else will.

Remember, you teach others how to treat you. Be good to yourself and others always. Enjoy your life because no one else will enjoy your life for you.

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