Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My!

Oh Me,
Just when I thought President Obama had committed the only Protocol faux-pas of the day in shaking the hand of the Queen in a "Double Handed" handshake, today in many British newspapers, it is reported that our First Lady, Michelle Obama, touched the Queen by giving her a hug! The first rule of etiquette in meeting any member of Royalty is: do not touch Royalty.
Now, I will report that there is much speculation about who touched whom first. In the end, it does not matter because in the foreign press, Michelle Obama is blamed for breaking Protocol.
For the younger generations, whether Protocol and manners still matter in pagan, socialist countries anymore, who knows, but citizens of the Britain still adore and respect their Queen, and she is a woman of a certain age. The younger generation should respect her traditions of Protocol.
Even if the gloved Queen did touch Mrs. Obama on the small of the back first, Michelle Obama should have kept her hands to herself. If she had kept her hands at her sides, we would not even be having this conversation. The British press would only then be picking on Mrs. Obama's shoulder less dress and the iPod gift given by the Obamas to the Queen. Oh My!

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