Wednesday, April 1, 2009

National "Read the Constitution" Day is April 20th

Castro did it. Lenin and Hitler did it. Chavez has done it.

Do the reporters and the masses not ever know their past or current history?

The Politicians are doing it in America. They whip the public up to hate the super wealthy. Then they moved down to the CEO's. Then they started up with the corporate managers who received bonuses.

Today in London, the masses hate the bankers to the point that the bankers all have to come to work disguised in jeans and a t-shirt. Next they will start on the Doctors, Lawyers and Insurance Agents. Then onto the Farmers. All in the name of the common man.

Does no one know their history or care? Meanwhile, the Treasury quietly printed 1 Trillion dollars last week and all the media can do is talk about comparatively meager AIG Bonuses.

National "Read The Constitution Day" is April 20th. Write your Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators, please. Participate in the national dialogue!

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