Saturday, February 28, 2009

Letters to the Editors

Last month,
I had my second LTTE make in into the February 2009 issue of VOGUE Magazine. It was a nothing comment about the November, 2008 issue of VOGUE prematurely predicting the outcome of the November Presidential election. The November issue hit the new stands on October 18th.
Last week, I received a nice letter from the Editor of Town & Country Magazine, saying I had sent in an "amazing" story. Don't know if they will publish it or not.
I have also written a LTTE to Marie Claire Magazine. Have not heard anything yet, but it has only been 2 weeks.
The point is, keep on trying and never give up. Never, never, never. It's not easy, but eventually any task will be worth a steady effort.

A poem from my book Forget-Me-Not, Forget-Me-Never:

Never be flat,
Never be sharp,
And always be natural.

Elsie Verick
December 29, 1905

Enjoy the hope full Sunday snow!

Monday, February 23, 2009

6th Anniversary Poem

From the book: Forget-Me-Not, Forget-Me-Never,
Remember the Fun We Had Together

Doubt the sun is afire,
Doubt that the moon is above,
Doubt that the truth is a liar,
But never doubt my love.

Maude Hays
January 20, 1906

Happy Anniversary to my husband Jimbo.
Love you, Kathy-lu

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bullies and Original Sin

Thinking recently on vacation about "Bullies." These people always seem out of control with their own lives which is why they want to control everyone Else's lives. It's a control thing. One lesson I have learned this year is: One can only control one's own behavior, not someone Else's behavior. If one never says anything negative, no one can truthfully repeat anything negative said. Just breath deeply, rise above the fray and keep on going in a positive direction. Work on this task every day. It's not easy, but it's healthy and right.

From Forget-Me-Not, Forget-Me-Never book:

You ask for something original,
I scarcely know how to begin,
For there is nothing original in me,
Unless 'tis original sin.

Miss Elizabeth "Elsie" Schaefer
June 24, 1906

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day "After School Special" story

Being in First Grade, I thought Valentine's Day at a girl's school was kind of silly but figured we would pass out friendship cards and maybe get some candy.
First thing in the morning, Mrs. Kirk, our kind teacher, passed out plain brown paper bags. We were instructed to put our first names on the front and decorate the bags appropriately for the holiday. Then, alphabetically, we filed up to the wall and taped them underneath the chalkboard. open the bags up, and throughout the day, place the Valentine cards we had previously made for our friends.
All day long, when leaving the room for morning milk and cookie break, lunch, recess, and P.E. class at the Gym, in alphabetical order, we passed by , in alphabetical order of course, all those Valentine's Day bags. Some girls would lean over and try to peak into their bag, but would slow up the line and have to resort to keep on going. The pink and red anticipation grew. How many Valentine cards would we each get from our class of 20 girls? Would we be happy with only a few. Who would get the most valentine cards? Who would get the least. Who really cared so long as we were happy.
At three o'clock, our school day was finally over and as we leave for the day, we were instructed to pluck our full bags from the wall underneath the chalkboard. As a "B", my bag was on the top row. As I plucked it off of the wall, my hand hit the metal chalk tray and some chalk dust fell through the air and onto the floor like cement dust. I automatically stopped yelped "Ouch"and grabbed my hand, so the teacher said I could go to my desk for a minute and rest.
As I sat at my desk in the now quiet room, and glanced up to see that Mrs. Kirk's slip was showing and her butt was wiggling as she was reaching up to heartily erase and clean the black chalkboard. My left hand suddenly stopped smarting, as my right hand had pulled out the 4 Valentine cards I had received. They said the following: "You are stupid", "You are dumb", "You are nice", "You are ugly".
I remember telling Mrs. Kirk my hand was fine and saying goodbye. I remember silently and numbly walking the 6 blocks home as if on automatic pilot. I remember my Mother's words: "How could a bunch of First Graders be so mean." I do not remember crying and crying, but I do remember I did not want to go to school the next day. I returned to school the next day anyway.

A better Valentines Day to all y'all readers !!

3 Poems for Valentine's Week

Happy Valentine's Day to All !

From my book: Forget-Me-Not, Forget Me Never, Remember the Fun We Had Together

A Poem from the wife's BFF:
When you are married,
And hubby is cross,
Come over to my house,
And eat applesauce.

Judith S. Russell
June 21,1906

Another poem from the wife's BFF:
When you are married,
And your husband is cross,
Take hold of the broom,
And say you're the boss.

Emma Campbell
December 29, 1905

A poem from the Dog:
I love you little,
I love you big,
I love you like
a little pig.

Edith Pratz
June 29, 1906

Au Revoir y' all!