Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is It Advisable As A Guest To Wear Black To Weddings?

SJP On Her Wedding Day, 1997
Last month, I read an article in the February Elle Magazine (very expensive and exclusive fashion magazine), from their young etiquette columnist. He said guests may now wear black to weddings and it is now perfectly acceptable: "Black is totally appropriate, as long as it's done tastefully - keep it elegant and sleek (no Morticia Addams!)."
    Well, he is entitled to his opinion, but, he does live in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, and a city for young people. As I mentioned, he is much younger than me.
   Being 50 years old now, I am unfortunately at the age where my husband and I are starting to attend funerals. Black is required. No room for any other color as black is the American official mourning attire color.
  Understandably, Bridesmaids' dresses are expensive, and black Bridesmaids dresses are popular to have so each attendant may feel like she can wear her dress again. Totally fine and acceptable.
   However, my thoughts regarding guests (and Brides) are quite different. Why on earth would a guest want to wear black to a wedding, then the next week turn around and have to wear black to a funeral.
   Having been a Registered Bridal Consultant for over 2 decades, I also think wearing black to a wedding is bad luck. I'm not really a superstitious person, but just don't like black for such a happy day.
   Even Sarah Jessica Parker an actress who plays the character "Carrie Bradshaw" on the Series "Sex And The City," was quoted as saying she regrets wearing a black wedding dress for her delightfully happy, beautiful, lush wedding and reception at The Plaza in New York City. An unfortunate regret one can never reverse.
   Anyway readers, freedom is choice and choice is freedom. Y'all make up your own minds; black attire or no black attire to weddings.

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