Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What separates the 95% from the 5%? Being "Poisd For Success"

Many years ago I listened to an interviewer ask: "What separates the men from the boys?" The answer is a simple "5%." Simple, you say?
     Jacqueline Whitmore's book "Poised For Success" is a candid, insightful and practical peak inside the four pillars of etiquette: presence, polish, professionalism and passion. Inside this Tiffany colored jewel of an etiquette book, she simply shows us how we may attain that extra 5%, separating us from our competition at work and in life. In an increasingly competitive and often uncivil world climate, we could all use a bit of polish combined with a tad of compassion and common sense. 
   Many of the tastier tidbits from Mrs. Whitmore's book help the reader maintain an authoritative position amongst work peers and friends. Jacqueline Whitmore starts out with the basics. She has us amortizing our wardrobe so our classic clothes last for many years, always looking chic, and remaining a 5% cut above everyone else in the room. She warns us to be wary of "Casual Friday" at work. This day off from formal business dress does not mean we show up at work looking like we are cleaning out our garage. Mrs. Whitmore encourages us to practice talking to a few folks we do not know at office functions and social events. She asks us to try to maintain an inquiring mind. She tells us how to graciously ask for what we want at work. As a host or hostess, she gives us tips and insight into how to share with our guests and have them feel at ease without spending stupid amounts of money on extemporaneous diversions that do not matter. Mrs. Whitmore also covers social media Do's and Dont's. Lastly, she covers the importance of our follow through skills and how to follow our passion. 
   In the end, other people may not remember what we gave them or did for them, but they will remember how we made them feel, going back to the number one etiquette rule: "Leaders always make other people feel special."
   Jacqueline Whitmore's "Poised For Success" is indeed a special, common sense read simplifying what may not appear to be simple for some of us. Enjoy!

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