Friday, June 11, 2010

Could Cursing Be The New Cool?

Uncle Jim and I had to have a talk with our 14 year old Nephew about using curse words on Face book a few months ago. He was using the "D-word," and as a gifted student, of course, he wants to go to Harvard. We told him that not only will prospective colleges be looking at his Face book page, but that Harvard students should indeed posses a lovely and creative, varied vocabulary. Not common curse words.
Speaking of Harvard, am I hallucinating, sounding like an old etiquette lady, or did our President use the "A-word" in an interview with Matt Lauer last week, and mouth the f-word in his sentence: "This is a big f-ing dinner," at a White House Correspondents Dinner last month? So sorry Harvard, but this is not higher learning.
At the MTV 2 hour awards show last Sunday night, MSNBC reported the f-bomb was dropped 47 times. Forty-seven. Pardon me? There stood our teenagers' role models, rising singers and up and coming movie stars, up on the awards podium saying: "I love 'so-in-so' so much, I want to f*** her/him." Lower learning for sure.
Dude, did I miss something? Could cursing be the new cool?
Yes, times are a bit tight, and perhaps tough lately. We are more cautious with our money, saving a little more and holding onto our jobs. Yes, agreed. We need to burn off a bit of steam, but when did we become so crass? Yes, we also know that "Jollywood" does not always turn out the brightest or most mannerly talent, but has our society been so "dummed down" that Harvard graduates know no other words save curse words?
I am sure I sound like an old fuddy duddy or mercy me, like my Mother, but maybe we as a country need more Mothering. Maybe we need to remember or have our Mothers remind us of who we should strive to be and how much we can accomplish with a higher learning and a higher purpose.