Thursday, May 27, 2010

Robious Middle School 6th Graders Take An Etiquette Exam!

Below is a link to a video of our own Robious Middle School in Richmond, Va., and the 6th Grade Etiquette Final Exam on Table Manners at The Salisbury Country Club.

Parents, don't worry! It's NOT a reflection on your parenting skills that these young people had to take lessons on table manners and how to manipulate their flatware, learn which fork is the salad fork and why they must pass the salt AND pepper.

In this busy day and age of Kids Menus, fast food and finger foods, not all families eat at the table often enough, or at all. Young people tell me they eat french fries and chicken nuggets with their fingers in front of their own TV or computer in their room, or in the car on the way home from soccer practice. Practice does make perfect, and knowledge gives each young person the confidence to eat, as they say: "At the big table," in an adult world when necessary.

So please pause a mere minute, watch the video, listen to the confident voices of the children and enjoy!

p.s. One must pass the salt AND pepper because in passing only the salt, the other person may later decide they then want the pepper, and by passing both, you are anticipating their next need. plus, they do not have to interrupt again to ask for something they did not know they wanted.

p.p.s. For parents out there looking for college scholarships: the latest trend is for the college/university to invite all their scholarship contenders to a fancy lunch. If you do not pass the salt AND pepper, you do not get the scholarship. Also, if you do not know which fork is your fish fork, or salad fork, they may as well "stick a fork in you because you are done!"