Sunday, March 14, 2010

Homespun Homeopathic Recipes For Your Epithelium

How much of your hard earned money do you spend per year on skin care products? Do you buy specific products at the grocery store or spend your lunch money on those fancy cosmetic counter products?

Everyone knows, Epithelial cells, or the skin, referred to as the Integumentary System, is the largest organ in your body! While a diet of many fresh fruits and vegetables keep your skin glowing from the dermis down, here are some tips to keep your skin glowing on the top layers! Pamper yourself instead with the following common products easily found in any home:
  • Smash 2 bananas and mix in 1 pat of butter in a bowl. Add a ripe avocado and mix. Smear on your face as a mask and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Spritzing a bit of baby oil in a warm bath and soaking for 15 minutes will soften your dry skin anytime.
  • Be careful with bath salts. Their aroma is appealing, but they tend to dry one's skin.
  • To exfoliate your skin, place a mixture of lemon and sugar on your skin and rub into your skin.
  • Another exfoliation remedy is mixing Cheerios, honey and lemon on your skin.
  • A whipped egg white placed on your face for 10 minutes will act as a mask and revitalize your skin.
  • Chop a cucumber and place into an ice tray (no water needed) and freeze into cubes. Place cubes below eyes and let the cubes melt.
  • A fantastic eye makeup remover is plain old petroleum jelly! Try it!

These homespun recipes work well, so pamper yourself frugally and save your lunch money for lunch!