Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be Your Own Superstar On Facebook and Twitter

If we are who our friends are on Facebook and Twitter, then we are what we post on Facebook and Twitter, right?

The content of what you post on Facebook and Twitter says much about what is important to you in your life. It tells others what style of life you live and what type of person you are in your life. Or, does it merely tell what type of persona you put forward for others to read and see?
Are your posts on Facebook and Twitter regularly relevant, useful, witty, timely, and informative? Or, are your posts simple, to the point, politically and socially correct, innocuous and possibly considered mundane by others, but orderly? Are your posts eclectic or about the same subject over and over. Are you regularly on Facebook and Twitter, or are your posts irregular? Does the tone of your posts come across as soulful, angry, needy, coy, mean, lonely, busy, happy or sarcastic? How is their after taste? What do you come away with after reading another friend's posts? After a while, do you feel as though you know the lifestyle of your friends better? Do your friends put forward only a snapshot of their lives, a resume of their lives, or their life story? Too much information or too little? Not enough interesting information or too much controversial information?

Are you a single gal or an "Empty Nester" who posts many photos of your animals, or your rose garden? Do you Twitter about being on the Red Carpet, or taking a shower? Are you in your thirties with teenagers and many neighborhood friends at the pool drinking a glass of wine while watching the kids swim? Do you Twitter about political causes? Do you live in the country and have horses and post riding photos? Are you a serious career woman and post only business related information? Are you a sports guy and post links to The America's Cup? Or, are you a gentleman farmer and post vacation photos from St. Barth's? Are you a Socialite who posts a 'thank you' to all the hosts from all the parties you've ever attend possibly forgetting other friends may not have been invited? Is order important in your life so you post what you are eating for dinner?
Are some posts more interesting than others? Yes,but dos that make the more interesting posts more important? No, just different.
What if you don't Twitter and don't Facebook at all? Is your life going to be less fulfilling because of your lack of participation? No, just different.
Just remember, Facebook and Twitter are as my friend put it: "public babble", so be careful what you write and mind the photographs you post. Pay attention to the aftertaste of your posts and make sure it is the persona you want to put forward to others.

Eat peach ice-cream with a peachy aftertaste, enjoy and have fun!