Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are You a Good House Guest? Did You Do Your Duties?

Do you think you were a great house guest this past July 4th weekend? Did you just sit around and let your hosts wait on you hand and foot? Do you think you will be invited back next year? Did you know that guests have duties? The following is a full proof check list of tips to insure another invitation next year:

  • Always give a thoughtful, well thought out gift. Make the time to pick out a gift that reflects your host. Some ideas are: liquor or wine, a set of summer drink glasses, a festive serving tray, homemade banana bread for breakfast, antique linen hand towels for the guest bathroom, coffee, a coffee table book all can enjoy, homemade cake or pie for dessert or a few of these gifts! You can also treat the hosts to dinner out at a local restaurant of their choosing.

  • Never give a "re-gift." Re-gifting is risky for many reasons. These gifts are never quite right because re-gifting is dishonest. The recipient can always spot a re-gift and a re-gift conveys to the recipient that you did not want to make the time to pick out something special.

  • Always make your bed. Keep your room neat. No one wants to have the house guest who lives like a pig.

  • Don't offer, just take your plate and others' to the sink after a meal and start doing the dishes.

  • Do be considerate about your house habits. Mind your feet on furniture, late night antics, early morning noise, texting, TV clicker hogging, etc.

  • If you are of age, Do Not drink too much. No one wants to be around a drunk house guest who will then be hungover the next morning.

  • Do be pleasant and present.

  • Do not talk about politics or religion. Your Mother was right!

  • Do use your magic words, as corny as it may sound, and thank your hosts many times over!

Guests do have duties. Just make sure to help out in general and enjoy your visit!

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