Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Do Lemons, Evening Constitutionals and Socks Have In Common?

Passed down to me by my Great-Grandparents, the following habits will help you to feel and live better. Thankfully, some things never change:

  • Every evening, or, as often as possible, take an "Evening Constitutional" around the block. No big deal, 15-20 minutes or so is fine. Walk, chat, laugh and relax. You will digest your food, get your blood flowing, breath and relax. Make it a good habit and enjoy.
  • Every evening after her walk, my Great-Grandmother drank a tea cup filled with hot water and lemon. My Father said she had the most beautiful skin for a 93 year old lady he had eve seen. The acidity of the lemon is good for your liver as it cleans out/detoxifies the liver, thus, will help clear up your skin.
  • Before bedtime, smear petroleum jelly on your feet and heals, then put on footie's or socks and sleep in them. You will wake up with the softest feet ever!
  • After handling fish or seafood, to rid your fingers the fishy smell, rub lemon or lime over your nails and the tips of your fingers. The citrus acid will work every time. The citrus, however, may dry your skin, so after you rub, wash your hands with warm water and soap, dry, then apply lotion.
  • My Grandfather ate a tomato ever night. A good acidic fruit for you! Largely diced. Plain, or sprinkled with a bit of Kosher salt, with a dab of mayonnaise or vegenaise, topped with freshly ground pepper. Serve everyone one tomato each when you do not feel like taking the time making a salad or cooking a vegetable. It is quick and easy! Yum!

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