Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LTTE - Elle Magazine Re: Cursing

Dear Madame:
My Husband and my Mother have one thing they agree upon: if I am to wear Haute Couture, I cannot cuss.
I read in the bathtub nightly to relax, but cannot do so while reading your lovely magazine. Luxurious, very expensive couture clothes, lovely fashion stories and spreads, yet the F-Bomb and S-word are all over your magazine. I was frankly a bit taken a back in the tub by the use of these curse words so often. Whether it be a writer-in to a regularly featured column or in a simple article. I cannot believe writers cannot be a bit more creative rather than just so common. We recently had to ask my 13 year old Nephew not to use the D-word on Facebook. Thirteen year olds' think cursing is cool. What is your opinion on cursing?
Please, if you must print curse words within your body of work to up your circulation, or shock value, or because the thirteen year olds' who read the magazine think it is cool, then use a few asterisks. Your intelligent readers, I am sure, will get the general gist. Sorry to sound like an old curmudgeon, but cursing is for people who cannot think of a better word instead, and who do not wear couture.

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