Thursday, April 2, 2009

Money Saving Tips for the Home

Today, money saving Ironing tips for the home, thanks to my Mother, a young girl during the height of the depression:
  • Instead of buying spray starch (it breaks down fabric fibers), iron linens and cottons using cold water from a spritzer bottle (my Mother used an old green glass Coke-a-Cola bottle and a cork attached to a metal sprinkler at the top). Water will make your linens wrinkle free.
  • After hand washing linen and cotton tablecloths and napkins, lightly wring them, spread each item out then fold. Roll up each item and place it inside a plastic bag. Place the bags in the refrigerator overnight. Take out the bags the next morning (or so) and immediately iron with a hot iron. Don't be alarmed. The iron will steam and sputter. Talk about crisp linens!
  • To save your feet from tiring while ironing, stand on a nice big, wide pillow.

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